Resin Driveway Suppliers
in West Chiltington, Brighton and the Surrounding Areas

Are you a contractor or garden landscaper looking to provide premium-quality resin surfacing for your clients? At LK Resin, we work with contractors across the South East, supplying the required quantities of resin and 20mm decorative aggregate needed for resin-bound patios, driveways and paths. In our role as resin-bound contractors, we can install aesthetically pleasing, highly durable top surfacing for your prepared site.

Operating out of Rustington, our resin driveway suppliers work with contractors in Bognor Regis, Brighton, Storrington, West Chiltington, Worthing and all surrounding areas. With our reputation for reliability and results of unmatched quality, we supply sites across West Sussex, East Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire.

If you want to take on a resin-bound patio, driveway or pathway project yourself, our resin-bound contractors can also provide you with resin and dried aggregate material kits, as well as installation training.

Please note, LK Resin provides resin and aggregate supply for contractors only. We do not offer this service to the general public.

Our resin driveway suppliers happily answer all queries related to supply and installation, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Supplying Market-Leading Resin

The resin we supply for other contractors is exactly the same we use during our projects in and around Bognor Regis, Brighton, Storrington, West Chiltington and Worthing. We source this material from Resin Bonded Ltd, a leading trade supplier of various resin systems. They have a long-standing reputation for producing products of the highest quality, and all for competitive prices.

In turn, this allows us to supply your project with a cost-effective, reputable solution backed by our own resin-bound contractors’ experience of more than 45 years.

Resin Bonded Ltd have meticulously formulated their resins for over a decade. This has resulted in products that maximise permeability, UV stability and user friendliness. As such, you can trust our resin driveway suppliers to achieve attractive, resilient external surfacing tailored to any specification.

If you’re new to the world of resin-bound surfaces, you can discover more about them by visiting the What is a Resin-Bound Surface? page.

The Importance of Professional Resin Preparation

Resin-bound patios, driveways and pathways make for great applications on an array of sites, from domestic homes in Brighton and Bognor Regis to public land in Storrington, West Chiltington and Worthing.

However, to ensure you reap the advantages of this surfacing solution, you must hire proven, reputable resin-bound contractors.

When you work with our resin driveway suppliers, you benefit from time-served expertise, including:

  • The correct depth for the soil type and surface at hand
  • Use of a high-quality, and project-appropriate, base
  • A perfect balance when mixing resin and aggregates
  • Laying a perfectly flat, impeccable surface

Failure to achieve the correct balance when mixing resin and aggregates can result in a non-permeable surface. If this happens, water becomes trapped beneath it. Because it can’t drain away as efficiently as it should, your resin-bound patio, driveway or path will experience premature deterioration, sinking and cracking.

The resin-bound contractors at LK Resin are specialist installers. As your resin driveway supplier, we provide a first-class installation service from start to finish. We never cut corners, so you can rest assured that we follow all the necessary steps to deliver a new surface built to last.

LK Resin covers the following locations and areas:

  • Bognor Regis
  • Brighton
  • Littlehampton
  • Storrington
  • West Chiltington
  • Worthing
  • East Sussex
  • West Sussex
  • Surrey
  • Hampshire

Call 01903 859 687 or 07833 297 180 to discuss your resin supply needs. As resin driveway suppliers, we cover West Chiltington, Brighton and all surrounding areas.