Resin Driveway in West Chiltington
Resin-Bound Patios and Paths | What is a Permeable Surface?

If you’re thinking of upgrading to a resin-bound patio or resin driveway, you will likely be familiar with their permeable nature. But what is a permeable surface? Put simply, they allow rainwater to drain through their structure and back into the ground, as nature intended. Conversely, non-permeable surfaces in West Chiltington allow no drainage at all. When you work with our resin-bound driveway company, you not only receive a stunning installation, but one that drastically reduces rainwater runoff and flash flooding.

The driveways and patios we lay as resin-bound contractors help to control stormwater at the source. In turn, this helps to prevent pollutant infiltration, thereby preserving local water quality. As resin driveway suppliers and installers, we take pride in the positive impact our permeable surfaces have.

From resin driveways and paths to resin-bound patios, our surfaces in West Chiltington and the neighbouring areas are the only permeable solution that functions effectively alone. While materials like gravel and dry-laid pavers provide natural drainage, they typically work best when combined with additional measures.

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What is SuDS Compliance and Why Does it Matter?

In response to persistent heavy rainfall, and a resulting rise in localised flooding, the government introduced stricter regulations around building requirements in 2008. These included aspects of drainage linked to the permeable surfaces our resin-bound driveway company lays.

This is where SuDS-compliancy comes in. SuDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems) came into full effect in 2015. The policy’s aim was simple: lessen the likelihood and impact of surface water flooding.

In short, as a West Chiltington property owner, you hold the responsibility for your land’s drainage and excess water runoff. By working with our resin-bound contractors, you help to remove the burden on the national drainage network.

In fact, hiring us as your resin driveway suppliers and installers helps to ensure you comply with SuDS standards.

From new planning applications to resurfacing works like our resin-bound patios and driveways, the easiest way to achieve SuDS compliancy is by installing a sustainable drainage system. In this case, “sustainable” is interchangeable with “permeable”. If your new surface (and sub-base) allows water to drain through to the ground beneath, it will more than likely attain compliancy.

If you don’t choose a permeable surface, like those we install as a resin-bound driveway company, you not only need to integrate additional drainage features, but you must also apply for planning permission. Approval is by no means guaranteed.

Neither homeowners nor resin driveway suppliers can control the weather. But you can control how your new surface in West Chiltington handles torrential downpours.

Our resin-bound contractors install sophisticated cellular structures which contain a high concentration of voids. In practice, this makes our resin-bound patios, driveways and paths far more effective than other permeable alternatives.

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