Resin-Bound Driveway Company in Worthing
How Much Weight Can Resin Driveways Handle?

As a resin-bound driveway company, we install sophisticated, aesthetically appealing surfaces. These include resin-bound patios, driveways and paths. Despite having unmatched kerb appeal, the surfaces that our resin-bound contractors lay in and around Worthing also have outstanding durability. As a result, this material holds huge appeal with domestic and commercial property owners alike.

During installation, our resin driveway suppliers and installers mix 20mm decorative aggregates with a specially formulated resin. The latter acts as a binder that coats all individual particles in the mix.

We then hand-trowel the mixture into place, creating a smooth, even finish. When dried, resin-bound patios, driveways and paths create a robust surface with outstanding longevity. As a resin-bound driveway company, we are proud to install one of the strongest, most versatile surfacing options on the market.

Be it in Worthing or any other South East location, you can see how highly property owners rate the surfaces our resin-bound contractors lay on the Testimonials page.

How Strong is a Resin Driveway?

Unsurprisingly, one of the most common queries property owners have about resin-bound driveways is their ability to handle the weight of vehicles. If you are planning to ask this of our resin driveway suppliers and installers, the answer is a resounding ‘yes’.

Much like our resin-bound patios and paths, to maximise the strength and performance of this material, you must have your driveway installed by experienced professionals. The team at our resin-bound driveway company shares over 45 years of industry expertise.

When laid correctly, a resin driveway is suitable for both pedestrian and vehicle traffic. The surfaces our resin-bound contractors install are especially ideal for Worthing properties with a heavy, load-bearing car, or more than one vehicle.

Our team of resin driveway suppliers and installers lays mixes to a minimum depth of 15mm to 18mm. As such, these surfaces can handle up to 7.5 tonnes. The average car weighs approximately 1.4 tonnes, while large vans come in at 3.5 tonnes.

More traditional driveway materials tend to crack and deteriorate long before resin-bound surfaces. They also start to fade relatively quickly when exposed to the sun.

This is another area where our results excel. Resin-bound patios, driveways and paths do not fade or change in colour when exposed to UV light.

Now more than ever, families in Worthing and the surrounding areas have multiple cars. Whether you want to replace an existing feature, extend it or create a new driveway from scratch, our resin-bound driveway company can turn any concept into a stunning reality.

With LK Resin as your resin-bound contractors, you benefit from a long-lasting, visually appealing and weather-resistant feature. As permeable surfaces, our driveways are SuDS-compliant too.

For the ultimate peace of mind, our resin driveway suppliers can also help to reduce the chances of vehicle vandalism. A larger space for off-street parking makes cars less of a target for would-be vandals and criminals.

Call 01903 859 687 or 07833 297 180 to speak with our resin-bound driveway company. We lay resin driveways, patios and paths across Worthing and the neighbouring areas.