Resin-Bound Driveway Company in Worthing
A Look at Our Resin Driveways and Patios

As a resin-bound driveway company, we install sophisticated and visually appealing surfaces – including resin-bound patios, driveways and paths. Despite having unmatched kerb appeal, the surfaces also boast outstanding durability. As a result, resin has become of the most sough-after materials in Worthing and the surrounding areas. Our resin-bound contractors take on domestic and commercial projects within this location, and can explain what separates resin from many of the alternative options.

Working as resin driveway suppliers and installers, we can provide the exact quantity needed to members of the trade. Should you need someone to install a resin-bound patio or resin driveway, we’ll be more than happy to manage the project for you. Please browse our testimonials to see what clients around Worthing have to say about our previous work.

Below, we take a deeper look into resin-bound surfacing, answering some of the more popular questions.

What’s the Installation Process?

During installation, our resin-bound contractors mix 20mm decorative aggregates with a specially formulated reason. The latter acts as a binder, which coats the individual particles. We then trowel the mix by hand to create a smooth and even finish. Once dried, this coated aggregate stands as a robust surface with outstanding longevity. Known across Worthing as a resin-bound driveway company, we pay great care throughout the installation process – resulting in once of the most versatile surfacing options available today.

We also serve as resin driveway suppliers for those with the skills to lay resin-bound patios and driveways themselves.

How Strong is a Resin Driveway?

When laid correctly, your finished driveway will be able to withstand heavy foot traffic and numerous vehicles. If you have a load-bearing vehicle, then our resin-bound contractors can form the ideal environment for safe storage, so you’ll never have to worry about damaging your landscape. With experience as driveway suppliers and installers, we lay the resin mix to a minimum depth of 15mm or 18mm. As such, these surfaces can handle up to 7.5 tonnes. The average car weighs approximately 1.4 tonnes, while large vans come in at 3.5 tonnes.

More traditional driveway materials tend often deteriorate long before resin-bound surfaces. They also fade relatively quickly when exposed to the sun. Resin-bound patios and resin driveways can withstand constant UV rays, which means the results won’t fade anytime soon – keeping your Worthing landscape looking great for longer.

Make LK Resin Your Resin-Bound Driveway Company

Many families now have multiple cars, placing greater strain on their driveways. For this reason, you need resin-bound contractors that can deliver a one-stop solution renowned for its long-term strength. Whether you want to replace a damaged surface in Worthing or build a new patio from scratch, our resin-bound driveway company can turn any concept into a stunning reality. Members of the trade also turn to us when they need resin driveway suppliers, so they can lay attractive surfacing for their various clients.

Off-street parking keeps your vehicle safe from nearby motorists and acts as a deterrent to thieves. So if you’d like to enjoy a tough, resin surface that works to keep your car safe, be sure to reach out for a free quote without obligation.

Call either 01903 859 687 or 07833 297 180 to speak with our resin-bound driveway company. We lay resin driveways, patios and paths across the Worthing area.